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We strive to be the best caretakers of the wealth of our community

We pride ourselves on helping our clients work to secure their financial future by putting their interests first and building personal relationships that last a lifetime. Are you ready for a different experience with a wealth management team?

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We’re passionate about and involved in our community, and we’re committed to our clients. Working with us is a relationship where you can rest assured your unique values and goals are prioritized.

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Our values are our compass. They guide us as we do what’s best for our clients to achieve their long-term financial objectives.






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We draw inspiration from the largest mountain range in Wyoming, the Wind River Range. The Winds are like no other place in the world. They are vast, unique and ever-changing, just like the financial landscape we guide our clients through.

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We Invest with Our Values

Impact investing steers the world towards the future you want to see, but it isn’t charity. It involves deep research of emerging trends and identifying breakout opportunities that can move the needle with responsible companies. We believe that showing what matters with our dollars is one of the most powerful ways to address the defining issues of our time.

** An investment’s social policy could cause it to forgo opportunities to gain exposure to certain industries, companies, sectors, or regions of the economy which could cause it to underperform similar investments that do not operate under a social policy. Risks associated with investing in ESG-related strategies can also include a lack of consistency in approach and a lack of transparency in manager methodologies. A socially responsible investing style may shift in and out of favor.
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