Portfolio Management

How can you invest for your priorities and values? We can help identify your risk tolerance, long-term goals, and values and form them into a cohesive investment plan. We can also explore alternative investments and tax-managed strategies unique to your needs. As your advisor, it’s our goal to simplify your financial world.


We create an investment strategy that fits you

Everyone has unique goals and objectives, and we work with you to create a plan that sets you on the path to work to achieve them. We help you determine your tolerance for risk and define a range of investment returns necessary to help you reach your goals. We can utilize a variety of approaches, including both active and passive investment strategies, utilizing individual equity positions, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. At Wind River, we know how valuable family is in our lives, and we realize how essential proper family planning is to maintain a certain quality of life. Let us help you plan your investments and shape your portfolio for a successful future for yourself, your family, and your community.

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Our Values


You’re entrusting us with your finances, and we honor that. We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability in all that we do.


We are proud of what we can do for our clients and love the work that we get to do. Your goals are our goals.


From start to finish, we are in it for the long haul. We’ll ride the market waves with you and stay focused on the long-term.


We are caretakers of your assets, and our community. We intend to leave them better than they were found.


We are here to help make your life easier. We do what we do so you can feel confident in knowing your goals are prioritized.

Long-Term Lens

We use a long-term lens and think decades ahead. We constantly ask ourselves how we can make life better for our clients and our community.

Our Investment Philosophy

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