Wind River Capital Management

Our Philosophy

Independent by design.

Independent investment consulting cannot truly take place unless the financial consultant employs a non-biased approach to investing. This means having the ability to make recommendations based solely upon the clients’ best interests, unencumbered by pressure to sell only those products and services offered by a particular firm. At Wind River Capital Management, we are not bound by such limitations. That is why we believe in pure, unbiased independent financial consulting, and placing our clients’ investment objectives before anything else. We maintain an environment where clients are known by name and not by account number, and where their well-being is held in the highest regard.


What is independence?

We help our clients build a long term portfolio with a level of potential growth that not only gets them to the financial goals, but also helps them meet their long term income needs at retirement and beyond. To help achieve this goal, we work with each client individually to develop an investment plan that is customized to help meet that client’s particular needs. We advise clients based on their needs and our ability to meet those needs independently. By acting in our clients’ best financial interests, their needs and ours truly become one. As your independent investment consultant, we have a responsibility to make your financial goals our highest priority.

Our Goal

We work to build a relationship with our clients that is based on professional experience, great customer service, and our collective market experience in good times and in bad. It is a relationship founded on objectivity, and held in trust that keeps your financial success in mind at all times. While some may have shifted the emphasis from a client focus to a firm focus, Wind River Capital Management has remained true to its roots.

How we work

  1. We work with clients to improve their lives by effectively managing their wealth.
  2. It is our privilege to get to know your story and the many different facets of your financial journey to see how we can best partner with you. Everything we do – from investment management to helping you work toward the seamless, secure transfer of wealth for your heirs – is designed to strengthen our connection with you as your trusted advisor.
  3. We believe in taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing wealth. To help you reach your investment objectives, we offer a wide range of financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of individual investors and institutional clients.
  4. With Wind River Capital Management, you can expect big-picture thinking and custom strategies. Our highly skilled, dedicated team takes the time to ask questions, listen, and get to know you personally. Paired with innovative thinking and thoughtful guidance, we develop custom solutions tailored to each individual, family, and institution we serve.
  5. We are committed to developing a long-term relationship built on trust that delivers the level of service you deserve and expect. We look forward to learning more about your goals, values, and priorities and demonstrating how we can help you achieve your vision